Vernon Company is working directly with DropTilYouShop Founders, Nick Rosenthal and David Stein to launch and position an exciting new shopping site to important media, and set its position as a viable player in the eCommerce space.

These initiatives include, but are not limited to:

-Develop, manage, and guide Public Relations professionals on launch campaign to trade and consumer media

-Develop, manage, and guide ongoing Consumer communications strategy

-Strategize on format and timing of sales

-Provide strategic input on merchandising strategy, product assortment

-Provide strategic support on fast, ongoing changes based on Consumer shopping patterns

-Present and consider Strategic Alliances for DropTilYouShop sponsored sales

-Provide segmented consumer Marketing tactics to bring awareness to sites

-Advise on Brand Identity, consumer interface, web pages, all materials

-General sounding board on direction, priorities, goals, opportunities for exposure i.e. sponsorships, events, partnerships, etc.

Below are links about the company and recent press: