Vernon Company worked directly with Peter Millar CEO, Scott Mahoney, and CFO, Kim Mattoon, and their team to present and execute overall marketing, branding, communications, and e-commerce/digital marketing strategies.

The initiatives included but were not limited to:

-The evaluating of Marketing and E-Commerce Team structures, skill sets, processes, and overall interaction between Marketing, E-Commerce and Public Relations; made recommendations for most productive organizational changes/additions.

-Development of job descriptions, organizational charts, and plans for new hires.

-Assessment of current outside Public Relations Agency, their overall strategy.

-Establishment of best-practice protocol for interaction between Peter Millar and outside Public Relations Firm.

-Presented a range of public relations projects and ideas to better promote the brand.

-Recommended improvements to existing Brand Endorsements and Brand Advisor/Influencer programs.

-Evaluated all Agency Service Agreements for improvements, i.e. Paid Search/SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Development, Public Relations, and Social Media.

-Developed a deep assessment of seasonal and annual marketing plans/strategies.

-Evaluated existing cross-platform/cross-channel strategy for marketing with emphasis on driving new and existing customers to Peter Millar website.

-Recommended Advertising and Media Placement strategy.

-Assessed Email Marketing Calendar and content for effectiveness and brand messaging.

-Presented recommendations and best practices for all brand marketing processes, and deployment as well as for continuance, supplementation, and elimination of tactics.

-Evaluated internal creative talent and process for Creative Development.

-Identified and recommended Creative Agencies and approaches for Consumer Marketing campaign.

-Assessed all existing brand materials and extracted key strengths/weaknesses; determined key assets/identity of brand and recommended additional materials.