Vernon Company is working directly with Icebreaker Founder & CEO, Jeremy Moon, his Management Team and the Board of Directors to evaluate and address overall business and branding strategies, recommending best practices. Key focus on converting a Wholesale Distribution Company Model into a Multi-Channel, Direct to Consumer Model.

These initiatives include but are not limited to:

-Participating in Annual Management Strategy Sessions along with the Board of Directors to guide 2-year business plans, setting short and long-term goals.

-Evaluating and contracting Executive Search to hire two Senior Management positions and managing the search process through to hire.

-Evaluating roles and responsibilities of personnel in various departments, including: Product/Design, Marketing, Creative Services and Retail.

-Assessing Product Cycle and Merchandising, leading to improvements in speed to market and product communication throughout Company and to Consumer.

- Overall evaluating and improving Retail Store operations, store locations, staffing, training, marketing, and visual merchandising.

-Evaluating and contracting of Retail Design Agency to redesign the Icebreaker TouchLab Free Standing Store concept, encompassing the full re-design of Free Standing Store concept and the facelift of prominent Icebreaker TouchLab locations in New York and San Francisco.

- Identifying and hiring of Retail Branding/Creative Agency to develop and implement better level retail windows display program.

-Overall assessing of financial investment in Marketing, encompassing an overhaul of process and procedures to move from Trade Marketing to Consumer Marketing.

-Identifying and hiring Digital Marketing Agency for a full-scale evaluation of e-commerce digital marketing strategies and managing the process and implementation of Paid Search, SEO and Affiliate Marketing upgrades as well as all Consumer Interface upgrades.

-Developing of first Consumer Marketing Initiatives focusing on Digital and Social Media strategies.

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